ChatGPT for your developer-facing product learns from your docs, tutorials, chat logs, and GitHub issues to generate a chatbot that answers developer questions automatically

available to >150,000 developers is trusted by leading community-focused teams

how works helps developer-facing teams use large language models to instantly answer questions

1. connect sources

use your existing documentation, past conversations, and 30+ additional technical source connectors to create a knowledge base

2. deploy chatbot

deploy the chatbot where your developers have questions

3. reduce support

measure the reduction in support from automating questions


“With kapa, I have been able to reduce the time spent answering developer questions on Slack. I anticipate kapa handling more and more of the questions we get!”

Shyamal Anadkat

Applied AI @ OpenAI


communities using to improve dev experience


developers have access to across communities


support hours reduced across communities

deploy where your developers have questions

use off-the-shelf integrations that take less than 5 minutes to deploy and customize


Create a Discord bot that can either auto-reply to forum posts or answer questions when @ mentioned

View live example (Langchain)->


Create a Slack bot that can either auto-reply to posts in channel or answer questions when @ mentioned

View live example (Airbyte)->

Docs Widget

Create an embeddable docs widget that can be integrated in 1-line into any website (incl. Docusaurus)

View live example (Osmosis)->


Build on top of the core infrastructure and leverage the API to answer technical questions automatically

View live example (Netlify)->

improve your docs with insights from questions

track usage, identify gaps in your docs, and find common themes

watch a quick demo to see in action

see how Langchain uses to reduce support is built for the real world, not for cool demos

optimized for tech questions is the only chatbot that is built specifically handle developer questions involving code and is optimized for technical knowledge sources

trained to be highly accurate prioritises accuracy of answers above all else, and is encouraged to say “I don’t know” when it encounters a question it cannot answer

integrate knowledge packs

supplement your bot with off-the-shelf technical knowledge packs related to your project (e.g., React, AWS, Kubernetes)

24/7 multilingual support

provide round-the-clock 1st-line support and leverage the underlying language capabilities of the AI to answer questions in any language

secure by design is built from the ground up to safeguard your data, with state-of-the-art security practices deployed across the stack

stays up to date automatically

when you make updates to your docs, blogs or answer more support questions, retrains on those to stay up to date

check out what people are saying about

reduce support requests and reply waiting times with

explore with the founding team and spin up a demo environment in less than 24 hours

ChatGPT for your developer-facing product