kapa.ai <> flow hackathon sign-up

gm flow devs 👋

Welcome to kapa.ai's Flow developer API access sign-up page! We're super excited to support your journey during this hackathon.

what is kapa.ai? 🤖

kapa.ai offers a powerful GPT-4 powered AI chatbot trained extensively on a range of developer resources specifically for Flow developers.

Resources used for training kapa.ai API include:

Check out the kapa API powered docs widget live here: https://developers.flow.com/

what can I build with kapa.ai? 🏗️

With a Flow-style AI the opportunities to build are endless! You can build your own implementation of a Flow chatbot to help other builders, a Flow contract generator or a VS code Flow support extension, to share a few ideas.

Check out the full API docs here: https://docs.kapa.ai/

how to get your API token to start building? ⭐

To request access to the kapa.ai API, please fill in the form below. We'll promptly respond with your unique developer API token.


Make the most of this opportunity to build cool experiences #onFlow with the help of kapa.ai. Happy hacking!

- kapa.ai team